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Our Pilgrim Ancestry: 1620-2008 and Beyond

In the nearly twenty-five years since Lynn Albert Bumpus gave to the Bumpus family his tremendous gift of A Genealogy of Bump-Bumpas-Bumpass-Bumpers-Bumps-Bumpus: Descendants of Edouad Bompasse of the 'Ship Fortune' while many of us have continued to add to the knowledge we have of our particular branches of the family, sadly, nothing really new has come to be known about Edward and Hannah themselves. A DNA study has been underway in the family for some time now, but to my mind the results have been disappointing. However, this is not as disappointing as the lack of light that has been shed through the years on Edward and Hannah themselves.

For many years the Bumpus family owned much of what is today downtown Wareham. The son Jacob was one of the original proprietors of Rochester, and Thomas settled at Barnstable. Son Philip, who settled originally at Barnstable, moved on to Bristol (now Rhode Island) and then Connecticut. Joseph remained at Middleboro and became the holder of the lands the family acquired as original proprietors of Middleboro under the 26 Men and Purchade purchases. My initial discovery in 1993 of the Carle Franklin Bumpus genealogy was the beginning of my brother and my interest in our family history. This genealogy Bompasse, Bumpas, Bump, Bumpus and Allied Families led us down an incorrect branch of the Bumppi tree for some time, until Lynn Albert and Mrs. Barclay's works were discovered; however, as the book incorrectly delineates our line as through this son of Edouad's, Joseph of Middleboro. (But, yet, today all is reopened for discussion with the discovery of a major problem with Joseph 4.49 Bumpus) Steve discovered the Lynn Albert Bumpus Genealogical Compilation in 1996 while I was out west finishing Master's degree work. And while LAB was also apparently wrong in our particular line, the discovery of the more complete genealogy increased our interest and efforts. Since finding Lynn Albert's genealogy we have worked to keep the LAB available online for everyone to access and there are links below to two variations: one nearly fully linked, at least in most of the male lines, the other version is complete but without links. After the discovery of two earlier works on the family, it can be seen that the Carle Franklin data largely followed those works of Charles H. Bump (c. 1940) and Mrs John Barclay's "The Bumpus Family of New England" found in TAG (1967). Work which we have done over the last few years, with the invaluable help of Richard Griffith, of the Wareham GenWeb, along with independent research of our own done at the Mayflower library in Plymouth, we now cannot for certain determine exactly how our great-great grandparents, Charles W. Bumpus (1802-1878) and Martha C. Bumpus (1811-1865) of Wareham, Massachusetts which likely of differing lines, not first cousins as both Carle Franklin and Lynn Albert had it. However, this, today as I write, once again is found to be uncertain.

Our family's lineage from Edouad Bompasse, the name to become Bumpas at some point early on (at Plymouth?), of the pilgrim ship The Fortune (1621), and his wife Hannah, can today be seen to be a constantly confused lineage. Our two connected Bumpus lineages follow ten generations of families who basically never left Plymouth County, coming together, in Wareham, through the marriage of our great-great grandparents: Charles and Martha (Bumpus) Bumpus. That Charles was the son of Joseph and Mercy (Haskins) Bumpus is clear from the Wareham town records; Martha being the daughter of Jonathan and Martha C. (Chubbuck) Bumpus. The parentage of Joseph Bumpus and Mercy Haskins is however not clear; most aggravating is the confusion regarding the parentage of Joseph, though the parentage of Mercy Haskins is totally unknown. So is the parentage of Martha Chubbuck unknown. Was Jonathan Bumpus the son of Joseph and Mercy as was Joseph II?

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