William Bradford Bust Elder William Brewster Plaque William Bradford Gravesite

Our Bradford--Brewster Heritage:From Governor William Bradford and Elder William Brewster to the Present

Through GGGreat-GrandDaughter Betsey Bradford and her Great-Grandmother Sarah Bartlett

When we were little our mother's mother used to tell us how we were related to William Bradford, Myles Standish and William Brewster etc. But until 1993, when I discovered that our Bumpus heritage came down to us from Edouad Bompasse of the Pilgrim ship Fortune (1621), it didn't occur to us to look into this old family story. Needless to say, I was very happily surprised to find how true those old stories were. Here, I have gathered what I have been able to put together on our Bradford Heritage, which is inextricably linked for our family with William Brewster, through his great-great grandaughter Sarah Bartlett's (1681-1761) marriage to Governor Bradford's grandson Israel Bradford (1713-1791). Sarah Bartlett's lineage comes down from William Brewster's son Love Brewster (c. 1611-1641) and wife Sarah Collier, through their daughter Sarah Brewster(c.1635-1668) and her marriage to Benjamin Bartlett (1632-1691). Later, I discovered a SECOND Brewster line SEE Our Rogers--Bradford--Brewster Tree through William Brewster's son Jonathan Brewster (1593-1659), who arrived on the Fortune with our Edouad, which comes down to our great-great-grandmother Sarah Antoinette Holmes (1847-1919). We have been able to find the graves of Israel Bradford and Sarah (Bartlett) Bradford in the Old Congregational Church cemetary in Kingston, Mass. after having early on discovered Betsey Bradford buried in Plympton with her husband Otis Phinney. Otis Phinney's line leads back to Mayflower passengers Thomas and Joseph Rogers, through Joseph Rogers' daughter Mary's marriage to John Phinney Jr. See my Phinney Phamily Page. Also, Benjamin Bartlett was a grandson of Richard Warren of The Mayflower.

Our Bradford Lineage:

Gov. William Bradford (1589/90-1657) m2. Alice Carpenter (1590-1670)/ Maj. William Bradford (1624-1703/04) m3. Mary Wood (c.1643-1714/15)/ Israel Bradford (1677-1760) m. Sarah Bartlett (c.1681-1761)/ Ichabod Bradford (1713-1791) m. Mary Sampson (1724-1813)*/ Israel Bradford (1766-1855) m. Hannah Everson (1767-1823)/ Betsey Bradford (1803-1882) m. Otis Phinney (1800-1887)**/ Ezra Phinney (1845-1918) m. Sarah Holmes (1847-1919)/ Lillian M. Phinney (1871-1936) m. Edgar Rollins Sampson (1865-1947)***/ Ray Dexter Sampson (1889-1952) m. Melissa Irene Davidson (1891-1975)/ Edna Lorraine Sampson (1920-1996) m2. Everett Alliston Bumpus(1912-1971)****/ Stephen Dexter (1947-) and Paul Stanton Bumpus (1951-)

*Mary Sampson's family that of Abraham Sampson through his son Issac and Lydia Standish's son Peleg Sampson (1700-1747).
**Otis Phinney line leads to John Finney Jr. and Mary Rogers of the Mayflower Rogers'--Joseph Rogers (1608-1678) and his father Thomas Rogers (1581-1621).
***Edgar Rollins Sampson's line I have only recently found to lead directlyback to two of Myles Standish's granddaughters. Myles' son Alexander's daughters--Lorah and Lydia--both married sons of Abraham Sampson; Lorah marrying Abraham Sampson Jr. and Lydia marrying Issac Sampson. Each of these lines lead variously to our grandfather Ray Dexter Sampson through his father Edgar Rollins Sampson (Abraham-Lorah) and his mother Lillian Maude Phinney (Issac and Lydia).
****Our line to Edouad Bompasse of the Ship "Fortune" (1621)

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Some Bradford Family Pictures

William Bradford Family--Burial Hill, Plymouth

Gov. William Bradford's Grave on Burial Hill--Plymouth, Massachusetts

Bradford Grave View 2

Gov. Bradford's Grave Close-up

Major William Bradford Jr.'s Grave on Burial Hill

Major William Close-up

Israel Bradford Family--Kingston, Massachusetts

Israel Bradford Sr. and Wife Sarah (Bartlett) Bradford (1677-1760)

Israel Bradford Sr. (1677-1760)

Mrs Sarah (Bartlett) Bradford's (1681-1761)Gravestone

Israel5Bradford (1766-1855)

Israel Bradford (1766-1855) and Hannah Everson (1767-1823)

Hannah (Everson) Bradford (1765-1804)

Abigail (Kimball) Everson (1703-1780)

Betsey Bradford--Otis Phinney Family--Plympton, Massachusetts

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