Our Plympton Phinney Phamily
Ezra & Sarah (Holmes) Phinney Family c.1915
Headstone of Otis and Betsey (Bradford) Phinney
Otis & Betsey (Bradford) Phinney at Rest in Plympton

Descendants of Thomas and Joseph Rogers of the Mayflower: From Jeffrey Phinney (c.1532-1586)

Through John Finney Jr (1638-1718) and Mary Rogers (1644-1718)--Our Mayflower Rogers* Line

To our Great Grandmother Lillian Maude Phinney (1871-1936)--Upper left in picture above

Several years have passed now since we first identified our great-grandmother, Lillian Maude Phinney (1871-1936), as a descendant of several lines of Pilgrim ancestry. Her grandmother--Betsey Bradford (1803-1882)--was the grand-daughter of Ichabod Bradford (1713-1765) and Mary Sampson (1724-1813)--thereby bringing our Phinney line through to Gov. William Bradford by way of Ichabod's father Israel Bradford. Israel Bradford was the grandson of William and Israel's wife Sarah Bartlett was a great-grandaughter of John Alden, through her grandmother, John and Priscilla's daughter Elizabeth Alden. Sarah Bartlett is also a Warren and a Brewster. Betsey Bradford's line also leads to Abraham Sampson, by way of Mary Sampson's grand-father Issac Sampson (1660-1726) who married Lydia Standish (Thus adding Myles Standish, as well as John and Priscilla Alden to those Phinney Ancestors arriving in Plymouth Colony on Pilgrim ships). Lillian's grandfather, husband of Betsey, was Otis Phinney (1800-1887). See our Rogers--Bradford--Brewster Tree here: Our Rogers--Bradford--Brewster Family Tree This Phinney line leads back to John Finney Jrs' marriage with Mary Rogers--daughter and grand-daughter of Joseph and Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower Four generations of this Phinney line are at rest in Plympton, with Lillian's parents, Ezra and Sarah (Holmes) Phinney, and grandparents being found in the churchyard cemetery across Main Street from the Old Burial Grounds and Otis Phinney's parents and grandparents found in Ye Olde Burial Grounds. Ye Olde Burial Grounds site

At this point, it would appear our Bumpus/Sampson family descends from at least sixteenteen Mayflower families, as well as eight from the Fortune , the ship of our Bumpus ancestor Edouad Bompasse, of course, and many other Pilgrim families from the Anne and Little James etc. Through our Phinney line, in the 3rd generation from John Finney Sr. (1603-1689)--who married Christiana Patten--we have Benjamin Phinney (1682-1738), married to Martha Crocker, the grand-daughter of another prominent early Colonist--Deacon William Crocker. Benjamin Phinney was the son of Mary Rogers, daughter of Joseph (1608-1678) and wife Hannah.

The picture of the Ezra & Sarah (Holmes) Phinney family, which I have today added to this page, came to us through our cousin Susanne who found it amongst the pictures of her recently departed, much loved sister Cynthia (Johnson) Police (1944-2000). This Plympton Massachusetts Phinney family, as I have tried to delineate it on this page, is descended from Mayflower families Rogers, Bradford, Brewster, Standish, Alden, Hopkins and Warren. Sarah (Holmes) Phinney adds Cooke, Soule and Chilton while also descending from Standish, Alden, Hopkins and Brewster

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The Plympton Mass. Old Burial Grounds Project

Mr. Ichabod Phinney (1746-1818)
Otis and Betsey (Bradford) Phinney Phamily Plot--Plympton, MA
Otis and Betsey (Bradford) Phinney--Closeup, Plympton, MA
Ichabod Phinney Phamily Plot--Plympton, MA
Ezra Phinney Phamily--Our Great-Great Grandparents
Ezra Phinney & Sarah Holmes--Plympton, MA

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