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In our Bumpus family line of descent thusfar, after deliniating our direct descent through ten generations from Edouad Bompasse of the Pilgrim ship "Fortune" (1621), and then turning to our mother's Sampson family, I have been able to trace lineage to, at this point, fully sixteen Ancestors from the "Mayflower", as well as to many more of the "Old Comers"--those pilgrims who had arrived at Plymouth before the Division of Land in 1627. Our Bompasse ancestry, is outlined here: Descendants of Edouad Bompasse

Our Samson/Sampson families are direct descendants of Abraham Sam(p)son, seen now to have likely been the cousin of Henry Samson of the Mayflower, with two (of our four various) Samson lines also descendant from Myles Standish, along with John and Priscilla Alden through the marriages of two sons of Abraham (Abraham Jr. and Isaac) to grand-daughters of Myles and John (Lorah and Lydia Standish), daughters of Myles' son Alexander's marriage to Sarah Alden. You can imagine our delight when it came to light that our mother's Sampson line from the Standish/Alden family followed three generations of Miles Samsons. . .

In following our grandfather Ray Sampson's mother's, Lillian Maude Phinney's (1871-1936) line back through early Plympton, Massachusetts, we found that Lillian's Grandmother, Betsey Bradford, was the daughter of William Bradford's great-grandson, Ichabod Bradford (1713-1791). Our Bradford line is laid out on our Bradford page (See link below). Ichabod Bradford married (and here we have it again) Mary Samson, grand-daughter of Issac Samson and Lydia Standish. In the early records the Sam(p)son names is seen most often as Samson. Even on our Miles Samson II's (1731-1812) gravestone it is still being spelled Samson. It appears in our line that the change came somewhere between Miles III and son Peleg whose name is recorded Sampson. I was happily able to locate Isaac Samson's (1660-1726) gravesite at Plympton's Old Burial Grounds, along with his elder brother George Samson's Family (1655-1739) which also lends two lines of descent down to our great-grandmother Phinney's mother Sarah Antoinette Holmes (1847-1919), also of Plympton. See my Plympton Old Burial Grounds Project here.

I have outlined our, now seen to be, three lines of descent from Standish--Alden on our Myles Standish/John Alden family page, having included Standish Burial Grounds along with John and Priscilla Alden info and pics on this page. Also, through our Phinney family, I have been able to identify a link from our great-grandmother Phinney's family to the Mayflower Rogers' through John Finney Jr. (1638-1718) who married Mary Rogers--daughter and grand-daughter of Joseph (1608-1678) and Thomas Rogers (1581-1621). Then, in the 3rd generation from John Finney Sr. (1603-1689) who married Christiana Patten, we have Benjamin Phinney (1682-1758), married to Martha Crocker, the grand-daughter of another prominent early Colonist--William "Deacon" Crocker--through his son Joseph (1654-1728).
Along with our Edouad Bompasse (c.1603-1693), John Winslow arrived on the "Fortune" in 1621. Otis and Betsey Phinney's son Ezra Phinney (1845-1918) married Sarah Antoinette Holmes, another interesting ancestress who descends from several Mayflower families including that of John and Mary (Chilton) Winslow. I have outlined the Holmes lineages also on their page. This line descends from "Messenger of the Plymouth Court" Mr John Holmes.

The old Nye genealogy would have it that the Jabez Nye, who married Mary "Molly" Fuller in Wareham in 1768, was the son of Benjamin and Rachel (Foster) Nye but had no children and married (2) Temperence Crocker. Richard Griffith of the Plymouth County Gen Web program has shown me the erroneous data of that work, at least in regard to this particular branch of the Nye family. And after discussion with the Nye Family Association we believe it is our Jabez who married Mary Fuller and had a family of at least eight children in Wareham, and that it was the son of Benjamin and Rachel Nye who married Temperance Crocker. (Our Great-Great-Grandmother Hannah Pierce Harlow was a Nye and also probably a Fuller descendant; though the line from her great-grandmother, Mary "Molly" Fuller cannot, as yet, be proven. Mary Fuller, if she of Plympton, would add at least Fuller, Eaton, Billington and Brown also). Our Cushman-Harlow page will address this error. The line of our great-grandmother on the Bumpus-Harlow side, Hannah Pierce Harlow, goes back to William Harlowe and Thomas Cushman and Mary Allerton's daughter Lydia. We also have a line in our Sampson family following Thomas Cushman and Mary Allerton's son Elkanah that leads to our Rebecca Churchill. The Plympton roots of our Churchill--Bryant--Phinney families are so interwoven as to have taken many, many months of research. The two cemetaries in Plympton contain the gravesites of many Pilgrim descendants and I'll be making digital photos available online and am always happy to take requests.

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Anyone with information on the "Allied Families" I have outlined above can please e-mail me at the following address to correspond, and/or add or request information on these families. Anything at all would be much appreciated.


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