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Descendants of Myles Standish and John Alden

Descendant from Two of Myles Standish and John Aldens Grandaughters--Through the Marriage of their Children, Alexander and Sarah--Lorah Standish (c. 1661-1734) and Lydia Standish (1664-1734). Each of these Standish grandaughters married sons of Our Sampson ancestor: Abraham Samson.

Recently Uncovered--Our Third Line from Alexander Standish and Sarah Alden's son Ebenezer Standish (c.1672-1755)

"Next to the fugitives whom Moses led out of Egypt, the little ship load of outcasts who landed at Plymouth are destined to most influence the future of the world."

--James Russell Lowell

Our Samson--Standish--Alden Family Tree

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The Plymouth Colony Archive Project at the University of Virginia

Our two Grandaughters of Myles Standish and John Alden--daughters of Myles and second wife Barbara's son Alexander's marriage to John and Priscilla's daughter Sarah Alden--Lorah and Lydia Standish each married sons of Abraham Sampson. Lorah Standish (c.1658-1725) married Abraham Sampson Jr. (c.1658-1725) while her younger sister Lydia (1664-1734) married Abraham's younger brother Isasac (1660-1726). Now, we have discovered that our 2nd Cushman line actually also leads back to Myles (as well as John and Priscilla) through Alexander and Sarah's son Ebenezer Standish (c.1672-1755). Ebenezer married Hannah Sturtevant, daughter of Samuel and Mercy Sturtevant, and Ebenezer and Hannah's son Zachariah, whose line we follow, married Abigail Whitman. (See Our Standish--Alden--Bradford Heritage Tree)
Our Sampson Family page follows each of the two Sam(p)son lines, as much as we have as yet found, and we have there some pictures of the Sam(p)son family as they are found today. The Ebenezer Standish line can be found on our Cushman page.
Evidently, Issac Sampson used the "P" in the family name much earlier than his brother Abraham. As late as Abraham and Lorah's great-great-grandson Miles Samson II's gravestone, the SAMSON spelling is still used. Our middle Miles, Miles Samson II (1732-1812), married Deborah Bonney, daughter of Ichabod Bonney and Elizabeth Howland. Our Cushman Family page will now have to be updated to show the new third line also, as Ebenezer's line leads to the marriage of Hannah Standish (1723-1756) with Elkanah Cushman (1721-1803), grandson of Thomas Cushman and Mary Allerton's son Elkanah (1651-1727).

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Our Standish Family Photos

Myles Standish Monument--Duxbury Massachusetts

Myles Standish Monument--Duxbury Massachusetts--Close-Up View

Standish Monument as seen from Burial Hill in Plymouth

Myles Standish's Gravesite--Standish Burying Grounds, Duxbury, Massachusetts

Myles Standish's Gravesite--View 2

Myles' Gravestone

Standish Burying Grounds Placard

Site of Myles Standish's Homestead

Monument at Myles Standish's Homestead

Hannah Standish Cushman (1723-1756)--Plympton, Massachusetts (Great-Great Grand-daughter)

Our Alden Family Sites and Pics

John Alden's Ancestral Summary by Caleb Johnson

NEW!!! Biography of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins

Gravesite of John and Priscilla Alden--Myles Standish Burying Grounds, Duxbury Massachusetts

Home of John and Priscilla Alden--Duxbury Massachusetts

Home of John and Priscilla Alden (Close-up)--Duxbury Massachusetts

Stone Marking Site of John Alden's Home in Plymouth--Now Burial Hill

Placard for the Home of John and Priscilla Alden--Duxbury Massachusetts

Terese Dover's Family Tree Maker "Descendants of John Alden"

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